Top VPN tools for torrenting

Unlimited VPN service for streaming and downloading torrents

Top VPN tools for torrenting

Many are the paid VPN services for torrenting that can now hire to navigate safely or jump geographic content restrictions. There is also a wide variety of free offers, which are, of course, limited to some how many megabytes a month, after all the servers are not maintained with good thoughts. However, even if you decide to pay for a VPN a month, in some cases you will have speed limits, of the number of countries available to mask your IP, and on many occasions, not you can do large downloads or use them for streaming your Internet appears to be very slow. It is here where enter VPN Unlimited.

This VPN service is available on almost any platform that exists: iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, Windows Phone, and Apple TV. It also has an application for Windows 10 in the shop of Microsoft from which you can check out the list of available servers by country (52 locations and 38 different countries by now) and the traffic load that currently have. Unfortunately this app does not work independently, and you need to download the win32 version to be able to create virtual private network on your PC.

Speed and traffic unlimited

What me has liked of VPN Unlimited is that has with several servers dedicated to download torrents or to make streaming of content. While the main objective of the service is not the facilitate downloads of this type, allow the legal use of file transfer through P2P servers of California (United States), Romania, Luxembourg and France. And only in a few cases the connection due to torrents download speed is limited across the network.

At least in my case, VPN Unlimited is has jumped the limitations of speed that my ISP sometimes imposes (and with “sometimes” wanted to say: all the time), with the service on get best speed of download. It is something that can happen in many cases. The application is pretty easy of use, although in the case of Windows there is that remember run it as administrator. It only that have to do is download, install, run, choose country and ready to navigate.

The servers dedicated to streaming are optimized to look at video on sites as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and similar.

Payment plans are also very varied, you can pay from 10 days to 3 years old, and you also have a free trial period that does not suffer from any casualties in connection speed.